Writing For Readers.

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  What's the difference between 10 acres of camping ground in the Scottish Highlands, and a heather-covered valley where you feel the warm radiance of a fire, share a meal and a wee dram with friends while watching the moon rise?

  One is a description, the other is a story.
  I write stories.

   A well-told story draws the reader in, holds on to them, and leaves them wanting more.

When it comes to grabbing readers, the rules of fiction apply, even to the truth.

   For years, I ran my own corporate film and photography business. Organising location shoots and interviews for a small team that sometimes worked for days on the road: talking to real people and getting to the core and soul of each story.

  I can set up and perform interviews, cover an event, hone a narrative, and generate a piece of written work that will leave the reader wishing they were there. And I do it on time and to word count.

  Freelance Editorial, Event Coverage, Profiles, Assignments...