My Secret Diary is NOT a Blog.

You won't find how-to articles, optimized-for-google content, sponsored posts, adverts ... all that usual blog stuff. To create all of that would be a waste of my time, to read it would be a waste of yours.

Simple How-To:

Go out there and get good at your creative skill of choice. Forget social media, driving traffic, SEO, etc. It all just distracts you and gets in the way of what is important. DOING.

My Secret Diary is for me to post ANYTHING that I find interesting, on any topic. It may be an excerpt from a story, some random photo I took, thoughts and dreams, work in progress, things I'm trying. It could be a rambling article, it could just be a sentence. ANYTHING.

If you're feeling adventurous you could stick around for the ride and enjoy the variety. Otherwise, there are plenty of other people doing the usual blog thing.


         - Jack