1st December, 2020

I started thinking that this would be an interesting basis for a piece of fiction. But, then I came to believe that it could and would actually happen.

When the second national lockdown was announced here in the UK, it was promised that it would only be for four weeks. Now, that was a politicians promise, but, still. As it went on, I had the thought that, yes, they would probably end the national lockdown as they said but, I guessed that the rules that would come into force at the end of the four weeks would just be lockdown under another name.

This is what we now think will happen.

There is also news floating around about the vaccine and impending inoculations. Which, I think is a good thing. I also think that it will become a seasonal thing: like going for your flu inoculation each winter.

But, here is where I'm getting worried.

If this disease is so detrimental to the population, it will become your civic duty to make sure you are protected and protecting those around you. This kind of thing is never left down to the individual. Sure, it won't be forced upon people in a "Do it, or you'll be arrested or fined". My fear is that there will be a 'need' for ID cards. In order to attend certain events or places or activities, it will be law that your ID card shows a valid and up to date inoculation stamp.

You don't *have* to get vaccinated, but only those who *have* will be able to attend events, activities, etc.

Attractions and event organisers won't be eligible for the cheaper insurance unless they implement this ID checking policy for attendees. Travel companies, travel insurance, border control, etc.

I don't like to think of it as some kind of conspiracy theory -- that sounds like I'm going nuts. But, it is a fear that I can see as just a logical progression. Where there's risk, there's fear and there is potential for blame and lawsuits and a chance for insurance companies to cash in.

I hope I'm wrong and things will pan out alright. But, from what I've seen in 2020, I find it a difficult hope to hold on to.

Stay safe,