It doesn't feel like Christmas this year...

I've not had the same feeling about this year -- covid 2020. The run up to Christmas had not had the same excitment and build up as I've not been out to the shopping centres or the high-street.

Christmas day is tomorrow and I know that it won't feel the same. It will still be a good day, it just won't be the same and this got me thinking about why.

We will still have the decorations. We will still have the gifts and the food.

The one thing that we won't have this year will be the family gathering.

For us, the getting together with the family is really what makes it all feel like Christmas. I would say that we could do without the decorations and maybe even the food. Gifts are always available as we happily make our own and exchange them -- there will be something that we could exchange and open.

Maybe this Covid Christmas has just highlighted how much it means to have famliy around us. It puts a lot of things into perspective.

Merry Christmas,