Back to basics

When it came time to renew the fees on my web hosting, I was shocked by the renewal price!

So I took to moving my site somewhere else... What a disastrous mission that turned out to be!

All the problems that happened got me thinking, "Do I need a blog?"

With the blog, I needed to be constantly updating it. Researching articles that would resonate with my audience. Doing the keyword research, optimizing the content with images and tags and headers and all that other stuff.

I never had much of an interest in it. Still don't.

I realised that I was spending 90% of my free time running this blog. When, in fact, all I wanted to do was create photos and hone my writing skills. So, as of Jan 2020, I am doing away with the blog. Having a portfolio website with this secret diary for me to write and log what I'm doing and why. To organise thoughts and progress. To just ... DO.

I am now going to commit my time to taking photos and writing. Practising my crafts instead of trying to drive traffic and generate likes and follows.

The aim is to create things and build my skills; not to generate traffic and build an Insta-following.

That's all. Cheers.

- Jack