...Another rejection.

I've just received another rejection letter for one of my short story submissions. Even though I have my goal of collecting a certain number of rejections each year (read about that here in my submission diary entry) it still hurts a little to receive a rejection.

Although, they are worded very kindly:

"Thank you very much for choosing to submit to us. Unfortunately, on this occasion we have chosen not to publish 'Grounded' and 'Waiting'.

We hope you understand that this is just our opinion of your submission, and in no way reflects the quality of the work or you as a writer."

I can kind-of deal with that. Oh, well. I guess it's just some more motivation to sit down and finish writing the next one.

I've taken them up on their offer of free feedback. I think it will be interesting to start a dialogue with them and also for me to get a bit of an insight into the kind of things they notice and look out for. Maybe I can tailor my next submission a little more to their tastes -- although, I'm not sure that is a good way to go in terms of creating art.