a critical audience

I thought that I could get some constructive feedback from readers if I uploaded some of my writing to Instagram.


It's a hive of empty compliments! People writing general comments and feigning adoration in the hopes of gaining a follower who will similarly like and empty-comment on their stuff.

There was also a lot of bad writing out there that was gaining attention. It's the same with photography. If you are good at gaming the system and liking, following and commenting, you don't need to be a good photographer to get the likes and the follows.


Instead of putting my work out into the echo chamber of yes-men, I need to send it to genuine critics and get some much-needed feedback if I'm going to improve.

I will stop adding my good work to Instagram and I will start submitting it to literary magazines and publishers and editors. They won't print stuff that isn't good. They won't tell my it's good if it isn't.

I need the feedback of these professionals.