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Story Sets Us Apart.

For a second, imagine two plain, identical watches that started their journeys together. The first was kept mint in the box. The second was worn by Neil Armstrong and went to the moon with him. It picked up a few dings throughout the years. Even had its strap replaced.

Eventually, these watches found themselves in the same auction.


Now, which watch is worth more?

The moon watch.


Their different values have nothing to do with condition, but everything to do with story.

This applies as much to fiction, website content, and editorial coverage as it does to objects and people.


Because, story has the power to persuade. Story has the power to influence. Story has the evolutionary clout to draw people around the fire, guide their emotions, and deliver them somewhere they'll never want to leave.


I've performed interviews and event write-ups for multiple magazine issues; produced batches of articles for clients' blogs; and even designed and written website content for a luxury cosmetics brand.


I've served up my editorial skills to copy-writing clients, and my copy-writing skills to editorial publishers.


From doing all of this, I believe that we should expect tailored, unique content that's SEO rich as standard. I believe that it should be delivered on time and on word count, too.


And I believe that, to set ourselves apart, we must follow story and remember that our writing is meant to be read. Not just by machines, but read by people who want to be entertained, informed, shocked, and inspired.

It's not only about pleasing The Algorithm, it's about pleasing our readers too.

  Freelance Journalism, Event Coverage, Copy-Writing, Website Content ... Writing.


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