Jack S.

Born in Lancashire, UK

Lives & works near Leeds, UK


  "Despite graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Manchester University, I discovered that my love for story and the arts held my true passion.

  I began my career writing narrative copy and doing layouts for the marketing and PR needs of businesses. Then I found myself writing scripts for corporate films and new media.

  After several years, during which time I built my own corporate film and photography business, I quit everything to become a stay-at-home dad to my two daughters. In that time, I focused more on writing fiction, and outdoor pursuits.
  I've always had a need to be immersed in nature. Combinations of cycling, camping, hiking, and paragliding all serve to assuage my lust, but I have a special place in my heart for extreme/adventure sports: in the past being a sponsored kiteboard rider, and more recently a paraglider pilot.
  Wherever I've directed my creative life, a love of story and discovery has always been at the centre. And it always will be."

        - J