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Jack S.

Born in Lancashire, UK

Lives & works near Leeds, UK


This isn't where I was supposed to be: a freelance writer of fiction, editorial, and website copy.


Back when I was gaining my Aerospace Engineering degree, I 'knew' I was meant to be a man of science. Of logic. Calculation.


It took several years - during which time I became a business consultant, marketing consultant, photographer, and corporate film-maker - to realise that I was a deeply closeted artist. A man of emotion. Of feeling and intuitive creativity. It took even longer for me to realise that I was actually good at it!


The years weren't lost. Those experiences gave me the best of both worlds. They gave me the emotion and creativity of an artist, and the calculating logic of an engineer. Someone who knows that projects have deadlines and time means money. But, who also knows that facts, figures, and ROIs only get you part of the way.


Words lead to ideas. Ideas lead to emotions. And emotions lead the way.


Soon after I realised this, I closed my corporate film and photography business to be a stay-at-home dad, and rebuild my true self.

I am a writer.


So, this isn't where I was supposed to be. It's where I'm meant to be.

Writing words, building ideas, and leading emotions.


Let me know if you'd like to have a chat. Also, take a look at my 'Top 3' showcase page if you're interested.

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