Zine Making | An Interview With @UnevenEdits

zine making

Who Am I? What Do I Do?

My name is Nigel Allison. I go by @unevenedits on Instagram.

When I’m not working my 9-5, I’m usually doing something photography related. Taking photos, editing, developing film, scanning negatives. Getting inspiration looking at other people’s work or learning about different photography techniques. I started taking photos about 3 years ago when I got my iPhone 6, got a digital camera last year and a film camera a few months later.

Film photography is where my heart is at the minute.

Zine Making, Why I Decided To Do It

zine making

A few things came together at once. I had some of my images printed on framed canvases which was an amazing thing to see and even better to hold. Also, I started following a YouTube channel called Nick Exposed and this was the first time I heard about zines.

When I came back from a long weekend in Barcelona I had all these images I’d taken with my film camera printed. I got a bit tired of working/uploading single images and having them disappear after a few seconds. There was an urge to work on a longer-term project and create a body of work. Something that was tangible.

A friend and someone who has helped a lot with my film photography Miles Twist made a photo book about his stay in Argentina and I got a bit of inspiration from this as well.

You’ll get so much more satisfaction from holding your images in your hand than seeing them on screen. 

How To Make A Zine

zine making

I spread all the prints out on the table, disregarded the ones that were too out of focus to use and the ones I didn’t like. Then, I put them in a notebook to replicate the layout (got this tip from an interview with Andre D Wagner). I was going for in the zine and tried to pair them. Either by composition, colour and flow of the images.

Then, I put them in a notebook to replicate the layout (got this tip from an interview with Andre D Wagner) I was going for in the Zine and tried to pair them. Either by composition, colour or flow of the images.

Top 5 Tips When Making Your Zine

  • Stay organised – I’m not the most organised person but [the] workflow is really important. Especially when working with physical and digital images.
  • Don’t rush – Zines are very DIY and you don’t have to be accountable as opposed to working with a publisher. 
  • Seek feedback – it doesn’t have to be tonnes of people and they don’t even have to be photographers.
  • There isn’t a right or wrong way – A zine is very personal and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Back in the day people would just photocopy images and staple them together to make a zine.
  • Have fun – enjoy the creative process!

making a zine

My Experiences

I experienced quite a few ups and down making this zine. There were a few moments of doubt, questioning myself, and it was quite challenging.

The most challenging thing was getting what you imagine in your head to look the same on screen in the design process and then the final result. Especially since I was using a piece of software for the layout I’d never used before called Scribus. But in the end, I’m really proud of the zine and it was all worth it.

Check Out My Zine

zine making

On my website www.unevenedits.com or you can send me a message on Instagram @unevenedits

To See More Of My Work?

I upload pretty regularly to Instagram, both film and digital images. I also have some images on my website along with a few prints.


My thanks to Nigel for this interview and for the insights into creating your own Zine. I’m really interested in this whole process and a little excited at the prospect of seeing my own work in print. There is something to be said for seeing your own work printed and getting away from the screens we use so much.

I hope you found this useful and interesting. Also, if you have any comments for me or Nigel you can contact him directly and you can reach me in the comments below or on my Instagram and Twitter pages.

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you have a great day, watch less, create more,

Ta Raa!



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