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online photo editor

Another day, another “office location”. A blogger’s life is endlessly flexible. Being able to turn your attention to something different and create content wherever you are is one thing I love about it. When you’re on the go, having an online photo editor that you can use when the need arises is priceless.

Not only does this keep you flexible, it keeps you portable. To be in that coffee shop without needing a large, powerful laptop to do your work.

Why Use An Online Photo Editor?

When creating content for a blog or for social media, sometimes firing up Photoshop is a little overkill. To be honest, I don’t use Photoshop to create any of my thumbnails or images on this site. It’s just not necessary for me to use it on anything less than compositing and touching up a serious piece of photography.

online photo editor

I make use of Photo editing apps and a free online photo editor (find out which at the end of this article).

This guide is to help you find an online photo editor that works for you and your content. For example, you just need to create and publish your Pinterest artwork whilst on the go. Or maybe you need to quickly pull together a YouTube thumbnail. Maybe even need to lightly touch up an Instagram flat-lay that you’ve just taken.

An online photo editor is photoshop on a website. No need to download an application and take up unnecessary space on your laptop.

If you see value in using a free online photo editor, here are my top 3


online photo editor

A good, simple photoshop look-alike. If you’ve come from Photoshop, this should be very familiar to you. Even the keyboard shortcuts are recognisable. With the ability to use your installed fonts instead of a weedy selection of free fonts, PIXLR really has a great range of features and options that will suit many content creators.

You will be able to complete even the most demanding of photo editing tasks with PIXLR.

online photo editor

It has a good selection of layer filters including Gaussian Blur, Denoise, Sharpen and Unsharp Mask. You also have the ability to download your final image as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PIXLR’s own layered format, PXD.

Overall, PIXLR is a great, lightweight replacement for Photoshop if you are creating and compositing on-the-go artwork for your blog or social media.

Try it out here.


online photo editor

You have many options with POLARR. Choose between using the free online photo editor version, multiple desktop versions, and even a mobile app to tweak and tune your imagery.

online photo editor

If this is your first time using POLARR, they greet you with a helpful walkthrough to get you going quickly. Although you can add text onto your images, there is a smaller selection of fonts available.

Consider POLARR more of a Lightroom than a Photoshop.

Less emphasis on compositing and more on adjusting your photos look. An online photo editor that places preset looks alongside fine-tuning adjustment sliders to allow you to get the look you want quickly and precisely.

There are also some powerful retouching features that make use of facial recognition to target common portrait retouching tasks such as teeth whitening.

The free version is extremely capable and usable, premium features will unlock things such as extra filters, denoise and the ability to batch export collections. You can currently upgrade to the Pro Version for $20 USD, but they are moving over to a paid subscription model in the near future.

Grab a copy NOW to get 248 days of free subscription included before POLARR switch.

In my opinion, for the images I create, the free online photo editor version is more than enough. So, along with export options of JPEG, PNG and TIFF, POLARR is really great online photo editor for Content Creators.

Combine your iPhoneography with the mobile app for a great pocket-sized powerhouse of content creation. But read this iPhoneography hack to get even more out of your phone camera!

Try it out here.


online photo editor

This is my editor of choice when it comes to on the go content. There are great options for layouts, compositing and photo filters. You can fine-tune each filter and make use of their library of stock images.

online photo editor

The best part is the library of free templates available. It’s great to have preset sizes for all your content needs readily available. It’s extremely helpful to have a template made for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or a blog banner.

You can also upload, design and download with their linked mobile app.

You need to sign up, but it’s simple and means your designs and photos are stored for you. Simply log back in to reach your designs and everything is as you left it.

Remember that taking great photos is also important in your content creation. Read more about that here.

Try it out here.

Honourable Mentions

I began writing about two other online photo editors. and But, as I wrote the overviews I came to realise that the free versions we just too obnoxious and in your face. Forcing you to upgrade at every turn.

Fotor doesn’t even let you download your image until you have signed up (a dirty trick).

So, I just deleted those as part of this guide. You don’t want useless information.

Check them out if you are curious, but the above options have you pretty well covered.

Online Photo Editor Wrap Up

  • To tweak and adjust the look of your photos, with some layer work too, you should look into PIXLR

  • For colour grading and showing off your photography, you need to look into POLARR

  • To build a library of content templates and do basic compositing, CANVA is the way to go.


photography styles

It only occurred to me the other day, that I hadn’t used Photoshop in a while. Can web apps handle the day-to-day image editing needs of a content creator? Mobile apps are already a large part of getting content created and published. So why not a web version?

Let me know what you think. Also, do you use any mobile apps or an online photo editor for any part of your content creation? Drop it in the comments below or let me know on Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you found something useful. Have a great day, watch less, create more,

Ta Raa!


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