I Deleted Facebook … Again!

delete facebook

That’s it! Enough is enough! I’m not going to turn this into a rant, this is a cold hard look at the facts and why Facebook is no longer a good fit for me and why it may not be for you, either.

What’s happening?

One day, I was sitting and scrolling through Facebook. I suddenly realised that I wasn’t interacting with any of the content. I was just skimming.

What’s more, I was just skimming through … fakeness! All the edited highlights “friends” wanted you to see.

Today’s office, wish you were here, lifegoals, etc, etc.

I had had enough. So I deleted my account. This was several months ago and I hadn’t looked back since. I got too busy learning How To Be A Better Vlogger!

delete facebook

But then, one day…

To ensure that I keep a regular feed going on Instagram, I use Later.com to schedule my posts. This service sends you a notification to your mobile where you can then upload and publish your photos. It also gives me some analytics and a way to keep multiple links to YouTube Content, Articles, Tips and Tricks, all in my bio.

Instagram then announced that they would allow auto-posting from selected apps, Later was one of them. I wouldn’t have to answer every notification anymore. I could rest easy knowing that my photos were being published for me exactly on time.

Great! Sign me up.

The problem was … you need a Facebook business page linked to your Instagram account. To get one, you need a personal facebook page!

So I signed up for a facebook profile (didn’t put any real info into it – I don’t want them having my info) and set about creating my business page.

The Road Of Trials

It took many attempts to get a business page set up. Why? Because Facebook kept locking me out! Every time I tried to make a change, I would get this message,”We’ve noticed some suspicious activity on your account. We’ve logged you out for security reasons”

delete facebook

When I try to log in again, they ask for a little extra information about me each time. First, they “needed” a phone number to confirm it was me (send a confirmation code via text message). Great, I’m back in … but they’ve now got my phone number.

I continue to try and set up the business page. This time I got it set up and linked. Everything was working. Later.com was able to auto-publish a post. One post. A single, solitary post until Facebook “noticed” some suspicious activity again and de-authorised me again.

Silly me thought that I could just log back in again and they’d send me a new confirmation text. Nope. Not this time. This time they needed a picture of my face!


Why? How does this help? How would they know it was me? I don’t have any other photos of me on Facebook to compare it to?

It’s at this point that I’ve finally had enough. If I can’t rely on auto-posting, then it’s of no use to me. I resolve to delete my account again, but I need to log back in first.


I submit a photo and wait. And wait. Then wait some more. Still no luck. I try again. This time I’m let in, just long enough to delete my business page, unlink my Instagram and delete my personal profile. Again.

The Return

Facebook is just not a priority for me. I don’t like it and they follow you around the internet like a creepy stalker. Even though they own Instagram, I prefer it as a platform. I don’t have the need to be on Every social media platform.

photography tips

I’m on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter (although I’m not using twitter to it’s fullest yet). This is enough for me to manage.

It’s strangely freeing to delete Facebook, and it’s also pretty topical at the moment (how nice is it to be on-trend?). The only reason I would use Facebook would be for branding reasons. To reach a different audience and to engage with them. But, when a social network keeps locking you out (very unsocial btw, Facebook) that would make things difficult.

I’m comfortable in publishing my own posts on Instagram, I don’t need to build another network before I’ve even got going on this one, and if it’s not reliable I can’t … well … rely on it.

If Instagram is your thing too, I’d suggest you look into How To Boost Your Instagram with this iPhoneography hack and How To Grow Your Instagram too.


Ever since my early days in the marketing department of a company I’ve heard the dogma, “We need to be on all the major social media platform!”. The idea being, we need to reach as many people as possible. This seems like a sound idea, but for me (a one-man band of a blogger and content creator) I need to be more efficient and targeted with my time.

I’m not trying to reach as many people as possible. I’m trying to reach the right people.

For me, this means Instagram and YouTube and that’s pretty much it. To avoid spreading myself too thin, I’m going to focus on these two platforms and hopefully, with some luck and dedication, once I’ve grown these I can then branch out. It’s that initial momentum that I need to build and I can’t do it on Facebook when it keeps locking me out to gain some more information about me.

Does this sound right to anybody else? Do you consider Facebook to be a necessity? Let me know in the no-longer-facebook-comments below or drop me a message on Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you found something useful or, at the very least, interesting.

Thanks again, watch less, create more,

Ta Raa!



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