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“I could be a content creator if only I had …”, NO! Stop that useless mindset right now! You are making excuses instead of getting on with it and becoming that content creator you want to be!

First Things First

When I first started looking into how to be a content creator I made one big mistake. All these creators must have great camera gear to make all of this amazing content! Or, at least that’s what I thought.

“That means I need to have a great camera to make great content, too!”

This Is So #WRONG!

I want to show you my minimalist gear setup for gathering Instagram content. Especially for gathering lifestyle content of me out and about. HINT: It’s super small and convenient.

Crossing The Threshold

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When you are out on a content creator session, you want to capture many elements of your trip. Anything that will tell the story – heading out, travelling, arrival, establish location, activities, etc. If you have too much gear with you, you run into a few problems:

  • You’re forever swapping lenses or cameras.
  • You can’t move between shots as quickly as you’d like (and I like to move quick).
  • Gathering the content get’s in the way of your day (we are in this to enjoy the lifestyle too, not just photograph it!).

I realised that for many shots, I was sticking to one lens on my camera, and I was choosing my phone over my Mirrorless Sony (or even GFX these days!).

Why A Smartphone Is Better Than The GFX

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Ok, ok, we’ve seen clickbait like this before, haven’t we? “Comparing the GFX to iPhone” in an “EPIC SHOOTOUT!”. We just know it’s nonsense but …

The GFX or other mirrorless cameras – like the Sony A6300 (my favourite creator camera BTW) – take amazing photos. They offer professional photography features that smartphones are rapidly trying to duplicate. As of today, I don’t believe the photographic quality of a smartphone is quite as good – yet!

But, does that even matter?

I don’t think it does. A great piece of content is great no matter what it was shot on. And it is usually greater if it tells a story in some way.

So, as a content creator, you need to be able to capture a story and you can’t do this as well if you are forever changing lenses, cameras or trying to decide on the shot you want while the moment passes. How to be a content creator? Have a gear setup that is quick and works to tell a story.

For me, that is my phone and a Bluetooth remote trigger.

Also, you can up your iPhoneography game with this simple technique you can do TODAY!

Content Creator Story Setup

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Minimalist Gear Setup – Blogging and Vlogging

I’ve spoken about this setup before – and the power of selfies – but I wanted to address it again as I’ve kinda come full circle.

My account started out as “My day to day life”. I then focused on lifestyle elements and started to get more serious. Moving, eventually, into outdoor photography. Now, I’m realising that I want to include more lifestyle elements again – I’ve written about my realisation after my social media detox!

I love taking great photos and my Fuji GFX is absolutely the best camera I have ever owned. I will use this camera every day! But, I need to include more lifestyle story. And the camera to do that is my phone.

So, here it is. How to be a content creator with the minimal gear setup:

  • Phone
  • Joby Tripod and Clamp
  • Bluetooth Remote

That’s it … but how to use it!

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Getting The Story

I won’t go into the types of content in this article (I’ll write that one soon – subscribe to Friends of #J to be notified). I WILL tell you how I use my phone.

TOP TIP: Use the video mode, NOT photo!

People obsess – and rightly so – about getting the perfect timing for a shot. We don’t all have the luxury of having a personal photographer follow us around. We need to do it ourselves. Trying to trigger our shot remotely is a tricky thing and people have made an art out of doing it well.

I don’t tend to bother. I shoot video and pull a still frame from it later. The resolution of Instagram photos is 1080 by 1080. 1 Megapixel. A FullHD video still is plenty AND I get the advantage of being able to post it as a video OR a still OR a combination.

This is how I take my lifestyle shots (mostly). I put my phone and tripod on the floor – shooting lower is always a good look for me. It makes me look taller 😀 – switch my remote on, set the phone to video mode, get into position and trigger record. I then walk through the frame in a couple of directions, throw in a few static poses, hit STOP, collect my phone and move on.

If I see something that I think looks photographic, I will still get out the big guns (GFX). It’s a good idea to mix up your feed with some quality photography once in a while.

Editing is then just a case of scrubbing through the video and picking the best frames to use.

Great For Introverts!

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I consider myself to be an introvert. Even though I can push past it when I need to, my natural state – the state in which I’m most comfortable – is by myself and not making a scene.

When you are out and about, trying to be a content creator, there are times when it can feel awkward. When you’re putting that tripod down and posing yourself out in public, etc.

This small, unobtrusive setup is ideal. Just prop it up, press record and then walk around in the frame as if it’s nothing.


How to be a content creator? Easy! Get that phone out of your pocket right now, put it on a small tripod, get out there and document the things in life that you find interesting.

Don’t wait for ‘the right gear’!

You already have everything you will ever need.

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Thanks again, watch less, create more,

Ta Raa!


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