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The idea of job satisfaction is a trap! No matter how “satisfying”

… it’s still a JOB!

I want to talk about my new direction with life in general. Well, it’s more of an attitude change really.

The Setup

I was happily working away, building my Instagram and social networks. It was fine. I was having a good time creating great photos and publishing them.

It just got to a point where I would see other accounts – spam accounts – that were generating thousands of view and likes and yet they hadn’t created anything! So, I realized that I needed to create something. To focus more on creating something good than worrying about generating likes and views

I had the thing the wrong way round.

job satisfaction is a trap

My original plan was to build a community around content and then use that community to generate some income. But, this is wrong! So, I need to focus on doing what I love doing and to hell with all the rest

There is a lot of advice out there about building your Instagram profile. The key things they recommend are:

  • Be consistent
  • post regularly
  • engage with your audience
  • you must have a theme

You need to stick to your theme. Because people come to see your profile based upon what it is about. So, if you are known as the mountain landscapes person then throwing in an image of a city break won’t work.

I can see the point, but this means I would lose a part of myself. This would give me job satisfaction! I need to be free to create what I feel like. To just regurgitate the same kinds of shots over and over is like death to me. Hence, in the past I’ve tried mixing things up but I’ve always been worried about how it might be received.

I don’t think that I can do this any more.

New Passions

job satisfaction - paragliding

For the last few months, I’ve been absorbed with a real passion of mine (other than photography). I’ve been paragliding.

The idea of job satisfaction does not even exist within this community.

I heard my instructor shout, as he flew by inches from the ground before soaring back up, “I LOVE MY JOB!”. He is certainly paid to play all day

Flight has always been something I’ve loved in my life. It captivated me as a child and it’s one of the reasons I chose to study aerospace Engineering at University. Since starting paragliding, I’ve fallen into this wonderfully tight community of people. Each one of them is totally absorbed by the sport. I mean, we are all obsessed!

Every waking second is spent monitoring the weather forecasts and juggling our social schedules so as not to miss a good “flyable” day.

It is a small community but a passionate one.

The result is that everyone seems to know everyone. You are no more than one person away from a record holder, sponsored pilot or world class pilot.

Job Satisfaction

All of the instructors live this as a lifestyle. When talking to one of them when out for a team meal I brought up the topic of my family commitments. They play a huge part in my life and influence what time I can devote to other things. He told me:

“yeah, you might as well get the divorce now. This isn’t a hobby. It’s a lifestyle”.

My Instructor

It is true. This is something that people plan their lives around and I can see why.

Now, I’m still passionate about photography and other art forms. For job satisfaction, I need creativity in my life. I still plan to combine paragliding, photography and blogging. My route is still along the lines of building a community around my creative content, but it needs to be done in a different way.

My Hatred For Online

job satisfaction - a typical instagram shot in a coffee shop.

I mentioned that I’ve come to hate the falseness that I see in the online world. Posers and flexers on Instagram with no creative talent wind me right up!

If I could bring myself to devote my free time to the daily grind of faking my way to Instagram success, I think I would ultimately realize I have lost myself along the way.

I used to love the idea of building my business online. Not needing a physical building or even physical products with which to create an income sounds great. But now I’m beginning to think that I need to focus on building in the real world

Talking to publishers, editors, athletes, pilots and sponsors and sharing my creative works through them. Instead of tagging unknowns in my Instagram photos.

With such a passionate and tight community in the paragliding world, I think putting myself out there would not only bring more success, but would also allow me to express myself in a true and genuine way. That’s got to be better for my sanity.

Not Playing The Social Game

job satisfaction - not playing the social game.

For most of my life, I played the social game. All the way from childhood, through education and into working life. I feel that I wasted a lot of my time. You know the game. It goes like this:

You must go to primary school to learn the things you need to know so that you are ready to start Secondary school. So that you can go there and learn the things you need to get you ready to go to University. Then, once at University, you learn the things you need to know that get you ready for getting a Job / Career. Ahhh, but then, you’ve finally arrived. You can work the rest of your life, trying to hoard enough money to get you ready for retirement when you can then spend your time doing the things you really want to do and love doing.

I must admit to feeling cheated by the schooling and education system that I went through.

I want to jump straight to the retirement stage AND I want to be paid for it. My aim has been for a very long time:

“Find a way to get paid to play”

Alan Watts

Life is not a series of tasks that get you ready for the next series of tasks.

The idea of job satisfaction is another trap. No matter how satisfying … it is still a JOB! There is more satisfaction in playing. That is what I have been searching for.

Creating photography that I love and that inspires me. Writing entertaining and insightful articles around the topics that I am passionate about. Flying and diving into the paragliding community – exploring the people, places and lifestyle and documenting it from my perspective. Getting published.

This is where I shall be.


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