Aerial Photography | Why I don’t use the DJI Spark controller any more

aerial photography

The drone went screaming across the sky! Rocketing away into the distance as if on a desperate dash for freedom… “I’m a wild bird!”, it seems to shout as it uncontrollably and inevitably became a speck on the horizon. With all the calm-control of a monkey on speed, I frantically pressed every button whilst holding […]

Photoshop Alternative For Content Creators | Adobe Replaced

photoshop alternative

Sitting there, late at night in the dark room. Hunched over my computer, sweat forming on my palms, my finger hovering above the BUY NOW button … “It’s an investment, it will pay for itself. Won’t it?” £596.33 per year? I was having second thoughts! I knew deep down that I couldn’t afford it. But I needed […]

Instagram Photography | Essential Tech For Content Creators

instagram photography tips

100 Selfies Are Uploaded To #INSTAGRAM Every Second Selfies are an important part of brand building. Elevating selfies from pouting faces to environmental portraits needs either a dedicated second photographer, the ability to coerce strangers or this pocket-sized assistant. You gained a new follower on Instagram. You’re excited and interested. Who are they? What do […]