Photography Tips | ONE Mistake That Is Holding You Back!

Photography Tips

I believe that many photographers are making one huge mistake. One that will hold back their photography for years! Why It’s Important To Know This could be the key to unlocking your full potential. Ha! That sounds very grand and … well … know-it-all-ish however, I really do think we sabotage ourselves. How To Be A Better Photographer […]

FREELENSING | How To Create Light Leaks On Command


Have light leaks at your beckon call. Create amazing flares in your video. Produce dreamy photos and footage IN-CAMERA without the need for post-processing. This is #FREELENSING! #Why Do It? Also known as lens whacking, freelensing is an effect that is built on technique rather than manipulation. Sometimes, you just want to be creative and get […]

Should ‘FREE’ Be Part Of Your Photography Rates? | Pricing Your Work

Photography Rates

“The worst thing you could do,” a photographer told me one particularly dreary day on a shoot, “Is to say you will work for free!” I’ve done lot’s of work for free. I’ve turned jobs down because we couldn’t agree on a price. And, I’ve always struggled to weigh up which is the right approach. […]

Instagram Template | How To Make An Instagram Panorama

instagram template

That was it! Finally. I published it to Instagram to find out that … … none of the edges matched up. I didn’t use my Instagram template. It was a steaming pile of shambles. And it was public. My Instagram Panorama had failed! This Instagram Template helps create the perfect interactive Instagram panorama. No calculation […]

Photoshop Alternative For Content Creators | Adobe Replaced

photoshop alternative

Sitting there, late at night in the dark room. Hunched over my computer, sweat forming on my palms, my finger hovering above the BUY NOW button … “It’s an investment, it will pay for itself. Won’t it?” £596.33 per year? I was having second thoughts! I knew deep down that I couldn’t afford it. But I needed […]

Instagram Photography | Essential Tech For Content Creators

instagram photography tips

100 Selfies Are Uploaded To #INSTAGRAM Every Second Selfies are an important part of brand building. Elevating selfies from pouting faces to environmental portraits needs either a dedicated second photographer, the ability to coerce strangers or this pocket-sized assistant. You gained a new follower on Instagram. You’re excited and interested. Who are they? What do […]