Photography Styles | They Say You Need One … I Don’t Agree

Photography Styles

I thought his advice seemed sound. He had told me something about Photography Styles that sounded like the key to unlocking a whole new level of photographic skill. “To build followers, you need to maintain consistent photography styles”, he said. “And here’s how you do it …” What’s The Advice I’ve heard this a lot. […]

Zine Making | An Interview With @UnevenEdits

zine making

Who Am I? What Do I Do? My name is Nigel Allison. I go by @unevenedits on Instagram. When I’m not working my 9-5, I’m usually doing something photography related. Taking photos, editing, developing film, scanning negatives. Getting inspiration looking at other people’s work or learning about different photography techniques. I started taking photos about […]

Instagram Template | How To Make An Instagram Panorama

instagram template

That was it! Finally. I published it to Instagram to find out that … … none of the edges matched up. I didn’t use my Instagram template. It was a steaming pile of shambles. And it was public. My Instagram Panorama had failed! This Instagram Template helps create the perfect interactive Instagram panorama. No calculation […]